About Shikishima
Purposeパーパス : 存在意義
Raising the value of "dining time"
with a taste that only Shikishima can produce
The concept behind the deliciousness of "Shikishima" is what is commonly referred to as "shoku-chu-shu. Our goal is to create a sake that will not only let the flavors of the meal flow, but also catch them, sublimate the flavors as the meal and sake combine in the mouth, and make you reach for the next sake and the next rice dish. In order to achieve this, we melt the rice thoroughly during the manufacturing process to create a sake with enough thickness to catch the taste of the meal, while finishing it off with a fine acidity and a minerality derived from the high-quality brewing water. A meal is a colorful moment in the hectic pace of daily life. Nothing would make us happier than to have Shikishima beside our customers at those moments.
Visionビジョン : 描きたい未来
Shikishima will continue to be near food
and will be a standard sake for 200 years.
The private brewery that brews "Shikishima" was founded in 1788 during the Edo period (1603-1868). In the Taisho era (1912-1926), it was the only sake brewery in the jurisdiction of the Nagoya Taxation Bureau (four Tokai prefectures, Nagano Prefecture, and Niigata Prefecture) to be ranked as a "yokozuna," or "grand champion," and was a representative of the Chubu region. However, more than 200 years after its establishment, the brewery was destined to close its doors for a time in the Heisei era (Heisei era), and after a blank of more than 20 years, it was born anew in 2020. We will continue to brew sake for the next 200 years, and will continue to make and pass on sake that will accompany everyone's daily meals. We put our heart and soul into our brewing so that our sake can be enjoyed as a regular, delicious sake that is always close at hand.
Philosophyフィロソフィー : 大切にしたい価値観
  • Brew sake that touches the heart
  • Putting Soul into Sake Brewing
  • Carrying on tradition and innovating
  • Energizing people and society through sake
Shikishima" is a Japanese sake produced in Kamezaki-cho, Handa City, Aichi Prefecture.
Shikishima" is made by the brewers with all their heart and soul, and aims to be a sake that reaches the heart.
While carrying on the tradition, we will innovate, search for new possibilities, and through sake, energize people and society, and brew happiness for the world.
Missionミッション : 命を燃やしてやること
Making people happy with sake culture.
Sake has a history that is inseparable from Japanese culture. Sake has always been a part of our lives, not only on celebratory occasions and ceremonies, but also on days of remembrance and nostalgia for the deceased. Sake is an indispensable accompaniment to communication that brings people together in a friendly atmosphere. As a sake brewery, we hope to contribute to your daily happiness.
Conceptコンセプト : 中心にある価値
Beverages that make meals taste better.
The concept of Shikishima taste is "food sake". It is a sake that is delicious on its own, but can be enjoyed even more when paired with a meal. It is characterized by its flavor and sharpness, which enhances the taste of the food and the snacks. We make many different types of sake, but they all share the same characteristics. We will continue to focus on pairing sake with food.
Logo・Labelロゴ・ラベル : ロゴ、ラベルのデザイン
Sake that spins the flow of time
Shikishima" by Ito Goshi Company, founded in 1788, ceased to exist in the year 2000. The Shikishima brand was designed to represent the image of a return to the "headwaters" of sake brewing.
We hope you will enjoy your drink while looking at this simple but thoughtful calligraphy.
Calligraphy: Japanese Calligrapher Kuniyo Tasaka, Creative Direction and Design: Design Office Cauz
Profile 会社概要
Ito Corporation
〒475-0023   9-108-1 Kamezaki-cho, Handa, Aichi, Japan
Shikishima establishment:1   1855 and 2021
Representative:   Masaru Ito (9th generation)